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March 26, 2018 @ 11:41 pm

Why Palm Sunday?


I have a confession to make. I have never really understood why Palm Sunday is such a big deal. At least, until this year. And this sermon is the result of that study.

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March 19, 2018 @ 10:58 pm

Redeeming Ruth: Chapter 4 and Conclusion


In this sermon, I finish the story of Ruth. I look at how Boaz remains a man of honor in the way he works toward marrying Ruth, how Ruth ends up being the great grandmother of King David, how the Book of Ruth shows the love of Jesus, and what the book teaches us about faith.

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March 5, 2018 @ 11:30 am

Redeeming Ruth: Chapter 3


Here we go into chapter 3. We have to do a lot of background work to understand what is going on, but with the idea of redeeming and the idea of winnowing. Also, is this some kind of illicit midnight rendezvous?

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