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April 27, 2014 @ 11:05 pm

GETTING THINGS DONE (A theology of productivity)

I have always, out of necessity, been interested in time management, personal success, and leadership literature.  Much of the best work in this field is not done from a Christian perspective.  I was ecstatic to pick up on a whim the book What's Next by Matt Perlman.  He goes past just the x's and o's of getting things done.  He actually gives a theology of productivity.  Ever since I read it I have been dying to share it in a sermon.

The sermon has three parts.  The first is a Biblical understanding of productivity.  The second part was a number of practical tips for productivity.  Much of this second part comes from the works of Stephen Covey and David Allen.

The third part was an experiment that I did on priorities.  I even had a lab coat and lab goggles for the full effect.  It was a very visual metaphor, but it should come through on the audio.  Essentially, if a jar represents your time then your job is to fill it.  There are little things (sand), medium things (gravel), and important things (larger stones).  If you put the big stones in first then it will fit, but if you let the small things take up space first then the big things will never fit.
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