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March 5, 2013 @ 9:59 am

Redeeming Ruth Part 3


The book of Ruth is so much more than a really old and beautiful love story.  It is a story of survival and loyal friendship.  Ultimately it asks the question--"Where is God when we are hurting?"  Is God a bully, or is God a loyal friend and redeemer?

This is a sermon that was not meant for podcasts but was really focused on the people in the pews.  I used a video and then went right into communion.  The sacrament really worked as my conclusion to the sermon.  I wrote the communion liturgy from the book of Ruth.  It worked very well in worship but did not come acrosss well in the recording.  The volume was different as I moved to play the movie and then to the communion table.  It worked in person, though, and only makes sense together so I have left it all in the audio recording.  If you want to watch the video for yourself, go to

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