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May 19, 2017 @ 9:38 am

The Bad Habits of Jesus: Jesus Hung out with Women


This sermon starts as series called "The Bad Habits of Jesus." We are not looking at Jesus as sinful, but rather how Jesus often broke social norms and expectations because he lived in a different kingdom. The series is inspired by a book by my teacher Leonard Sweet of the same name.

This Sunday was Mother's Day, so I took a look at the relationships that Jesus had with women. In fact, the Bible is exceptional in its time for the good treatment of women, but Jesus takes it to another level. Paul is a little harder to read, but I argue that he too is actually positvive toward women. This sermon is part an apprecation of women, part a justification for women in ministry, and part a call to treat others with respect--not based on what we think they have to offer, but becasue they are valuable treasures.

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